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Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Heaven is the Face"

I have felt some emotions as I sit here Saturday night listening to music and reading about kids who I have come to know through facebook and caring bridge pages. A little boy diagnosed at 10 months was recently diagnosed with a secondary cancer is preparing for heaven. A young boy with in inoperable brain tumor is resting in peace now as he finished his fight Sunday (both he and another little girl have passed away today). A birthday is being celebrated for my 9 year old nephew in heaven again this year. Needless to say I found a music video that sums it for me tonight. If you don't know the story behind this song, Steven Curtis Chapman who is widely known in the Christian music industry, lost his 5 year old daughter in a tragic accident right in front of their home when their 17 year old son struck her in the family car. Listen and believe that if he and his family can make it through, you can too. Heaven is the face of these children.

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JeriGeary said...

This song is so comforting to many. It breaks my heart deeper when a parent loses their child but doesn't have the comfort of knowing they will see them ever again.