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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Moment of Silence

It was quiet when I got home tonight. A 13 hour day at work makes the evenings very short and this one seems over already. Lincoln had already gone to sleep which is unusual because he is usually the night owl like his daddy. Emma was quietly playing a game and Jenny was reading a book. I like to come home and see my son run up to the door like he had been looking out the window for me all day, but tonight was quiet and it was nice for a change. I usually watch the news before dinner and look at facebook but since it was so late I made some food and clicked on the little blue "f" at the bottom of my screen to see what my friends were talking about today. Nothing could have made the night more still than it already was except what did, when the very first thing I read was that a little boy that I have been following for a long time had finished his fight with cancer early this morning. I was speechless for awhile and didn't want to read anything else until I could completely let my mind understand that another little life was taken too soon. I could have just kept scrolling down the page and said, "that's sad" and then started playing poker or reading about someone elses happy moment today, but I wanted to let my heart feel what the community of people with kids fighting cancer was feeling. This is something I will probably do for the rest of my life because kids with cancer cannot be ignored and passed by like that off beat friend you mostly scroll past on your facebook feed. I have experienced the loss of a child in my family and have had friends who have lost children to miscarriages and now I know of more than 400 kids who are currently fighting cancer. I have to say, I like my facebook friends, but sometimes I like my facebook Kids more and I want to know what is going on with them before anyone else. My son Lincoln will not be one of those kids who will have 25,000 LIKES on his page, because he was lost to cancer, but he may have 25,000 fans someday because he will fight into his adult life until a cure is found.

I am tired and I have more to say soon but until then remember that life is just a small portion of time and time an even smaller portion of eternity in which we will enter in free of pain to see our kids again.
Please pray for my friends who are suffering their loss and light a candle in the still of the night for this little boy in heaven.


kelly taylor said...

my heart goes out to you & your family all the families who are effected by this terrible disease i will continue to pray for all those who lost their battle and pray for all those fighting it...

Dana Minton said...

Beautiful post Brian....you described the way I feel so many times late at night when I'm checking on some of the children battling cancer. I find myself checking on updates for scan results...and so many other things that have to do with childhood cancer. My life has forever been changed because of Makaylynn's cancer and I am so AWARE now! My prayer life includes these precious children now and their families <3