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Friday, August 17, 2012


The first time I saw a 50 cent piece my eyes got as big as the coin itself. I was in awe that so much money could fit in this over sized coin. A roll of 50 pennies could not compare to something so magnificent. I wanted a pocket full so I could go to the toy store, but I knew I couldn't spend it so I kept it in a special place that would one day hold many other rare and amazing coins.

Fifty cents was a lot of money when I was 10 years old but these days 50 dollars would be gone in a few minutes even at Walmart. With credit cards people don't think much about how many $50 bills they would have pulled out of there wallets, they just swipe and go.

The number 50 has been on my mind a lot lately.
What does the number 50 mean to you?
Were you born in 1950?
Do you have 50,000 miles on your car?
If you had a 50/50 chance of winning the lottery, would you play it every week?
Do you normally work 50 hours a week or 50 weeks a year?
If you drove 50 miles to work everyday, would you spend $50 in for gas when you filled up?
Are you hoping to retire at 50 and travel to all 50 states?

I like the last one on the list but there is something missing that I have just discovered.

On average 50 children will lose their lives in the fight against cancer. 

To some people that is too many, but to others it is relatively rare.

If you found out that all 50 of these children were in your state alone, would you notice?

What if 50 towns in your state lost 50 children to cancer? Would the news report on it?

If 50 is not enough to get people's attention, how many more have to die before people care?

The Truth is that an average of 50 children in ALL 50 states will lose their lives to cancer each and every year.

Now here is a staggering number. The National Cancer Institute has a budget of $5 billion dollars. The research needed to save children's lives only gets 3-4% and a 1% increase would be $50,000,000!

The word Rare is not in my dictionary anymore but kids fighting cancer are.
We have got to get back to the basics of life and pay attention with a little common "cents"
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