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Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have been working up in Portland for a few weeks and I have spent a lot of time on the road in traffic. I have seen a few things like people in cars on the side of the road making a cell phone call, fender benders and police that have pulled people over for speeding. Everyone is in a hurry because no one likes to waste a moment, especially on the road. Today, however I saw something that I have not seen yet, not once, not twice but three times all within a few miles of each other. I see a lot of nature, but this time mother nature was the one calling loud and clear!
In reality, the things that happen on the road can wait, but sometimes there is just no time left and the urgent becomes imminent.

If you have young children, you know that waiting is never an option because everything has to happen immediately or its screaming and crying. Sometimes its your boss who can't seem to wait for you to produce the profits he wants. What's non-important become important, what's non-urgent becomes urgent. There is so much going on its hard to tell what really has to happen right now. Steven Covey breaks it down for us like this.

September is only a week away which means back to school, changes in the weather and a last chance at summer vacation days. While many are rushing off to the beach to witness the setting of the sun, the urgency to save the lives of children suffering from cancer is rising. During September 2012 I want to urge you to make a new commitment to help us raise pediatric awarness to the next level. Even though there is a new schedule on primetime tv to watch, there is one new reality show you won't want to miss. The Truth 365 film is not about to disappoint those who are anxiously waiting its release on September 13th. Please check out the new website and sign the petition to show your support for increasing the amount of critical funding needed to research a cure for 13,500 newly diagnosed children each year. If you think kids can wait another year, why don't you ask the parents of one diagnosed with DIPG. Believe me, this is more Urgent and Important than the next season of Survivor.

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