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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Fire Inside

In 1999 I moved to Oregon where I met Jenny who would soon become my wife. A whirlwind of events sparked our love for each other and in less than two years, and two months earlier than planned, we were married. It was the best year of my life up to that moment in June, but after the explosive events of 9/11 unfolded our world view became much bigger. Then in October, while we were away in Washington at my families house, we would face our very first, personal devastation when we got a phone call that our apartment caught fire.
Nothing can prepare you for that moment when the fuel is ignited into a burning blaze, but it was more than a short fuse and cheap fireworks show that would heat up my passion to fight against my son's cancer.

If you were driving down the road and you saw this, what would your first thought be?

If your first thought was not saving the lives of children, you might want to feel your cold, cold heart to make sure you aren't dead. The old saying, "women and children first" was not meant to be to watch them burn. So why are people still standing by as spectators and no one is jumping in to the rescue? I guarantee if it were your child's bus you would.

This is the way it has been with the critical funding needed to cure pediatric cancers and although awareness levels are dramatically increasing there has to come a point that we fight fire with fire.

I believe with all of my heart that the bar is being raised in 2012 for raising pediatric cancer awareness.

The new Face of pediatric cancer is being revealed this year and we all hope and pray Ellen invites Talia to her show http://www.facebook.com/angelsfortalia
It is going to take teams of volunteers that are already forming and preparing for the fire fight this September @ http://www.facebook.com/theTruth365film
If you don't know what to do Just Ask, I can help, there is still time.
I can't waste another minute until I know this season is over I will stop at nothing for the chance to strike cancer with lightning and a Thunder Clap of noise that will wake the world from its slumber @

Please visit and Support all of these links today and let one spark start a consuming fire in your heart again.

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