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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do you Agree?


Have you ever spent a lot of time with someone only to realize they they always agree with everything you ever talked about? If you haven't then you probably think it would feel great if that happened. Its quite the opposite actually and one of the worst experiences I have ever had. It may not even seem possible for someone to agree all the time, but you will know it when it happens. Just about everything you hear or see in the media has some form of disagreement. Just think about all of the reality TV shows where a vote determines who will stay on the show and who will go. What would happen if 100% of the people voting agreed on one person the whole season, how boring would that be? What would happen if there was not trash talk in sports and everyone only routed for one team? What would any sports movie be without the underdog that came back to win it all?

Conflict is simply a part of life that we all endure and disagreements are inevitable, but for the most part we adapt and learn to live with it. I don't talk about politics much, but I can make noise with the rest of them if I really wanted to. I think it makes people feel powerful to have an opinion that makes a statement, but does it really help others choose that way of thinking? What if, instead of pointing out weaknesses we proved our confidence by sharing the strengths of what we believe in?

During a battle it is vital to know your enemies weakness, but that doesn't mean you fight without weapons are armor. I like to watch the playoffs and championships games because I know that the teams that made it are more than capable of winning, but its those who make the fewest mistakes. Even Michael Phelps got 4th place in the Olympics this year, but he didn't let it stop him from making history with over 20 medals.

Politics, religion, sports, work, family and even friends will have disagreements as long as the clock keeps ticking. If there was one thing that every person can agree with, its probably not going to be who the next president is, but there are many reasons to agree on making funding for childhood cancer research one of America's top 10 priorities to save the lives of children who don't deserve a single cancer cell in their little bodies. I can't think of one reason to disagree and I dare anyone to care as much as the hundreds of people that I know who are trying to get the attention of 1,000,000 people to share the Truth that childhood cancer is Not Rare.
Speak the Truth, even when no one agrees with you.

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