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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Beauty of it All

Lincoln has lost almost all of his hair. He went for so long and we started to believe that he would never show signs of being sick but now he is like many kids fighting cancer. I didn't know this before but hair loss does not mean someone has cancer, it is just a side effect from chemotherapy which targets rapidly going cells like blood or hair. Unfortunatly people have a hard time looking at kids without hair knowing they are fighing cancer because they think it is part of the illness. No one would want to lose their hair because it is part of their identity and it is like losing a part of yourself. I want to share this music video so you can begin to look at children fighting for their lives as children who want to live a normal life, just like you and me, but without being looked at as sick, because even though they are sick the beauty of it all is that they are still with us.


Amy Vogel said...

Ok, I haven't listened to this song since Sophia's diagnosis. Talk about tear-jerker!! Thanks Brian.

Kayla said...

Wow! makes me cry when I think of all these precious kids go through. Thanks for sharing this video Brian, such an awesome way of spreading awareness. Praying for Lincoln and for you, Jenny and Emma! Love you all very much!