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Friday, March 16, 2012


I feel so restless tonight. Its raining outside, again and I have to work on Saturday, again. It seems like we have been going, going, going and now there is no where to go...we just have to hang on and ride the wave. This time of year the work outside is still slow but gaining momentum. The weather makes things ten times harder because its wet, muddy, cold and miserable. Now that the train has started to move its not going to slow down and I can't get off until October when I usually take vacatioin. We are getting a little cabin fever because the kids want to go outside every time the sun shows up for a moment, but its still to cold or windy and its back inside. I pay attention to the weather very closely and today we have twice the average rainfall for the month. That may mean we get a break soon but the forcast is still unclear about the next storm system moving in. I also notice the rest of the country, outside of the Pacific NW is having record heat for this time of year, but we are stuck on this side of the jetstream that keeps the storms rolling in.
Last week we had two days that were in the 60s and sunny, this after some record rain and flooding, but a few days later it was snowing on the valley floor again. I realize that my son is doing well for the time being and that it feels like an unusually warm day, but we still don't know what the future holds for him. Cancer is as relentless as the rain in the Pacific NW and it comes and goes, but as I have adapted to harsh conditions outside, I will learn to fight for my son whatever may come.

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