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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sticking With It

I used to live in Long Beach, Washington and I have spent a lot of time on the beaches of the west coast. People like the beaches there because they like the sand. We like to walk on it beside the ocean listening to the waves, looking for sand dollars. We sit in it and soak in the sun and kids love to build sand castles or even bury each other all the way up to their necks. The sandy beaches are peaceful and a nice place to clear your mind from the matters of this world.
While spending time on the beaches I have seen campfires and fireworks and people riding their bikes, but I don't think I have ever seen someone doing this and enjoying themselves.

To Bury your Head in the Sand can mean different things to different people depending on circumstances. For me it simply means being ignorant of the truth that if right before your eyes. When you are faced with cancer you cannot just bury your head in the sand and hope that cancer doesn't notice you as it comes in like a roaring wave. I have been out in the ocean and I have felt the force of the waves crashing down on me trying to take my last breath but it doesn't compare to what cancer is doing in our world to our kids. Cancer does not ignore anyone, and yet many people bury their heads in the sand because they do not want to deal with the destructive forces of cancers nature.

I challenge all people to take initiative and instead of popping their heads out to hear the latest celebrity gossip, find ways to keep your attention focused on kids fighting cancer. I want people to Subscribe to the Red Carpet Kids for a Cure http://www.facebook.com/redcarpetkidsforthecure and the Truth 365 http://www.facebook.com/theTruth365film that promote awareness so that their facebook is overwhelmed with kids who can be reached out to. I personally love to see the first thing on my news feed of a child that has No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.) but I also have to endure the fact that I will witness a families loss on a weekly basis. Cancer can be conquered if people pull their heads out of the sand and Stick with the Program joining efforts to raise awareness, funds for research and eventually a cure. Just like you wouldn't let a child on the beach run out into the ocean with out someone close by, keep vigilant of our kids fighting for life. You wouldn't want this guy to be your kids life guard so take action today.

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