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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life Songs

Lately I have spent time listening to music late at night while on the computer. I really don't like to listen to the radio unless its the weather channel, but I like my own playlists. Over the years I have listened to a lot of music and I like to play music with my guitar and sing, but I had taken a break from all of it as life seemed overwhelmed or stressed. Now when I have time I can put the headphones in and turn up my favorite songs and feel the way I did when I first heard these favorites. Everyone likes that Feeling that they once had, you know the ones that you never forget but you just can't explain them. A lot of feelings are actually remembered with songs and can bring back memories otherwise untapped. Since I got an iPod and use iTunes I have only purchased 1-2 songs from my favorite artists or albums. Sometimes they are not the most popular songs on the albums but the ones that I feel will stay with me and never get old. Music that is overplayed on the radio is very disturbing sometimes and that is why I like what I like.

There is so much music in the world today and there are so many who like one thing or another and many who like a good mix of it all. I like almost everything if it is pleasent, but some people only stick with a limited variety and it seems you can't listen to something they don't like in the car without feeling uncomfortable yourself. Then there are those people who will listen to the same songs in the car with you and you both start singing out loud unashamed because you both love that song so much.
I believe that music has a lot of influence in our lives that we don't really realize is affecting us. We like what we like and we stick to it like we stick to our best friends and we don't let anything get in the way of what we prefer to listen to.

Imagine a world without a song now. No melodies, harmonies, not beats or riffs, no instruments or special effects, not even someone humming a tune. I wonder how people would survive! That is how powerful music can be and music is just one form of media. I don't know of more than a couple of songs or movies that send the message about curing cancer and I don't think they are very popular but why would they be? People want to hear love songs, read books about mystery, watch tv shows about murder or listen to the news of natural disasters. I don't see very many ways to bring childhood cancer awareness into the media and that proves to be a huge challenge since media takes so much attention away from things that are really important like saving lives. Don't get me wrong because there are billions of dollars raised because of media for good causes, I'm just saying there is a lot of competition that keeps foolish reality stars paid well and leaves children with research methods that haven't improved in decades. The news stations are very competitive with each other it seems as they have the same top stories, weather or even commercials going at the same time. So whenever I have the chance to butt in to a news story comment thread on facebook to promote childhood cancer awareness, even if it is about the new phenomenom the Hunger Games, I'm going to do it. I'm on the frontlines for saving my sons life and I will stop at nothing to get the word out, our kids need a cure and they are much more important than that movie that just came out about vampires, sorry but its true.

I suggest that you turn on some good music sometime soon and find some feelings you haven't felt in awhile and let it inspire you to a day where you felt invincible and then go out into this world and do something amazing for someone else.

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JeriGeary said...

I love my music and it varies greatly. There are songs that take me back to high school in the Stone Age. I can remember the sounds and smells. I have some playlists I only play when I need to think and re-group and then drive through the country roads instead of highways. I wish awareness could be raised through radio media. Who doesn't like music.