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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Monday

Today was a good day, for a Monday. I took time off work to go with Lincoln and Jenny to his appointment and we drove all the way to Portland in a light flurry of snow. After most of the normal procedures Lincoln went through he got a surprise visit from Dustin, his Chemo Pal. There were a lot of kids in the clinic today and we had to go to another room so he could play with Dustins toys. I talked to the nurse and Dustin and gave them my new Red Carpet business cards and then pinned one up on the board with all of the pictures of kids. We left about noon and I was thinking about going to work for awhile. I felt a little sick this weekend and my back hurt pretty bad but I didn't have a lot left to do on a job. I got there about 2 and it took 2 hours, so I gave the customer both of my business cards and I was already on my way back home. When I got home I felt really good unlike most days when I'm wet, dirty and worn out. I had some left over chinese food and started reading through facebook when I came across a story that got my attention. It was a story of a father and child that tragically drown while in a boat without life jackets. The news reporter who commented on the story was heartbroken as this tragety happened on the mom's birthday. I started reading the comments from the posted news story and in my mind I wanted to ask where all the news stories about kids dying of cancer and other incurable diseases were, so I did. I don't know how the news reporter took it but I realized I was being fairly forward with the point I was making. Although accidents kill more kids in this country every year, cancer is still the number one killer and I make no apologies for speaking out against this horrible terrorist. When the news reporter said that they do A TON of stories, I said I'm sure you do, but it remains to be seen on a measurable scale. I felt I had to explain myself so I sent her a private message to let her know my story. I said that I realize that the news channels are looking for the Gems in the most current and relevent events of the day and people would rather hear about Snooki and Kim K. than kids fighting for their lives. Then I asked her to look at my page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Red-Carpet-Kids-for-the-Cure/168832049858369 and told her that this is my favorite news channel. I hope she LIKES it ;)

I took a break and watched some kids You Tube videos with Lincoln and read Emma a story and now as I am watching both the Voice, DWTS and listening to the David Crowder Band "Oh, How He Loves Us" and as Lincoln is watching videos next to me, I think to myself when did I ever have a day like this in my life before cancer? My life will never be the same but for a Monday, it was a good one.
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Anonymous said...

Brian - keep on being relentless. Send that news reporter another e-mail and another and another until you are heard. Your life will never be the same, it's going to be better - better because it has a purpose and that purpose is to put childhood cancer in front of everyone until it gets the recognition it deserves and a cure is found. Love you. Mom