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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Alone

I don't know if you know this but today is National Fight Against Childhood Cancer Day. I don't believe it is on any calender though because it is just a fact of life. Everyday a child is fighting for their lives against cancer in this nation, including mine. There is no cure for this deadly disease but there is hope as we share our fight with the world on a daily basis. Cancer is the number one killer of children next to accidents which are often because of risks that are taken. The only risk factor with cancer is being born. There is a child I know of right now that was literally born with cancer. This child never had a chance to take a risk because cancer shows no mercy. That is why we need to stand up, speak up and fight together to raise awareness for our kids who's only hope of having a childhood is in the small but growing army of people who will fight for them. Childhood cancer research is lacking greatly in funding because people have been ignorant for too long but there are many more opportunities than ever to raise awareness that will lead to funding breakthroughs in cancer treatments. We need to push the envelope in every area of social media when it comes to causes. I don't care what happened with the latest celebrity trainwreck, I want to know about the latest child who is in remissiom so we can celebrate these kids. If a child has lost in their battle against cancer, I don't want to stop hearing about the legacy they are leaving behind and the foundations that are being built in their names. As a war veteran who has fought courageously in a battle for our country, our kids who have been slain should be recognized in their battles. As long as it is called today there is a battle going on in someone's home or in a hospital. Today across this nation we need to remember that a families life will be changed with a new diagnosis, a single mom will have spent over a month away from home next to her suffering child in a hospital bed, and a parents worst nightmares will become reality as they say goodbye to their angel. Face the truth that it could be your child this very day and ask, what would I do if I could become part of discovering the cure before it could happen to my family? Today is the day, don't delay.....

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