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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Golden Opportunity

Never has there been a time in American history where you can stand up and let your voice be heard. People are acting aggressively and can be heard world wide as they stand up to advance their cause. Today the White House is receiving petitions from just about anyone for just about anything. One petition has nearly 400,000 signatures and only 25,000 are needed. You have seen them before, and let the opportunity pass you by, but this time I am going to ask every person reading this to take a stand. Our president has declared September as Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I personally don't think one month a year is enough, I don't think 13 months is enough. This isn't about joining the bandwagon and clicking LIKE a million times so a boy can get a puppy, this is bigger and far more important. We are searching for gold like Michael Phelps was in the Olympics and we are not going to go down without a fight. The precious medal is highly valuable, but the gold we are talking about is for our precious children who have been diagnosed with an incurable disease called cancer. The price of once ounce of gold is about $1668 today, but nearly 2500 children will die this year from cancer.

This September we want our president to light up our white house in Golden lights to declare that kids get cancer too and that they are desperately in need of funding for research.

There is no way the childhood cancer community can do this alone. Please join us as the people of America to make this happen, thank you.


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