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Friday, January 25, 2013

Run for the White House

About a week ago I was thinking to myself about how we could take childhood cancer awareness to the next level in 2013. There are many of us who are on a mission right now to petition the President to light the White House Gold to bring awareness to the governments front step. We think we will see the petition pass sometime today, but we won't stop there when statistically more children have died from cancer this month than all school shootings combined.
In order for all of us to gain national attention, we will need to work together in a way where people will turn their attention away from the idleness of what they watch on TV every night and discover that they still have a reason for breathing.

Speaking of breathing, I am not too much of a runner anymore, but I used to go long distances, walking, running or on a bike. I love to travel and discover new places and as I walked a quarter mile around the park where I live, a familiar story came to mind. Its about a young man who lost the love of his life and as he says in the movie "I just started running..."

What would you think if I just started running... across the country...without hesitation, on a mission to tell people that kids get cancer too and its time to do something about it? That would be CRAZY! But I still wish I could do it. If Lincoln were not in treatment right now, I would already be gone, but its too late to let go of this dream. I want to do it, and I want to do it THIS YEAR! I want to stand on the front steps of the White House on National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day and look at the Golden glow of the lights that shine for our kids because our nation cared enough to stand up to childhood cancer.

So how am I going to do this? With your help of course.

While I may not be physically able to walk or run across the country on foot, I believe I have a plan that will work. I know a lot of people who walk, run, bike, swim and even kayak for miles at a time, and to give them even more of a reason to stay healthy and fit I will lay out the plan to complete my mission.

Starting today I want to personally invite you to join me in a Virtual Cross Country trek to reach the White House in September. This is going to be so easy you wish you could do the real thing. Many people reading this have already done it today, and all that I ask is that you donate your miles to the Facebook Event "Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness" https://www.facebook.com/events/129786293855902/140956752738856/

This event will be open to the public and you can invite your friends who run or walk too.
What I want to do is take every one's distances (or workout times) and add them up each day from January until September.
I will choose some locations on Google maps and set goals that everyone can contribute toward.
If you are running a marathon or just running for fun, you can tell us how far and we will add it to our journey.
I will update this event with maps of where we are going and where we have been so everyone can check a few times a week to see how we are doing.
We will also be dedicating a day of running for children with cancer who have facebook pages and we will send them messages of support from our event.
This will be an exciting journey of discovery and personal commitment to yourself and our kids that we can track this year.
Here is what we hope to see by September and if it turns out that any of us could actually be at the White House on September 13th, I hope to be the first one to meet you.

On your marks, get set, Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness and click to join. https://www.facebook.com/events/129786293855902/

(2017 update: Join us with the Max Cure Foundation on the Main Event on the following links)
The main event


Run DMT said...

What a fabulous idea to bring runners together to support and run for childhood cancer! I'm in!

Good luck and God bless!

Anonymous said...

I'm in -- and I'll share on FB. Do you want us to post our distances on your blog?

Brian said...

Click the link to donate your miles and join us on our journey https://www.facebook.com/events/129786293855902/130816873752844/

Anonymous said...

I love the idea, but how about people actually DO do the running, kind of like carrying the torch for the Olympics.... We could carry something gold and bring it to the White House, starting on the West Coast, we could have a gigantic relay, maybe we could have several routes going all at once so we cover the whole country, every state...?
I'm in!
Clarence Berger-Greer, lost my son Teddy to Neuroblastoma on December 13, 2012.

Jenny said...

Love it . I will run for my daughter kk and all other children.

Natasha Cloutier said...

I am totally in. I am in Az. I ran 5 miles today

NANCY E GILL said...

I am currently in Florid and work on a Cruise ship and while I cannot run to much I will walk in every port we go to in the Caribbean and Europe in April. I do this for all Children and Dominic Beltran.