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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reality vs. the Truth

Today I was thinking about reality TV and wondering why people are so fascinated by the countless shows that are running the air waves these days. Just about any channel has one of these shows going at any time of the day where you can pretty much watch people live on camera doing what they do best, being themselves. So what makes these 'people' shows so worthy of our time and why do we place any value at all on giving our attention to the next person to get eliminated from the house, stage or island? I don't know if I can give you the best answer, knowing that some of these shows I love to hate will make me lose sleep wondering who is going to win, but I can surely give you a peice of reality where you can discover the truth about how everyone can win.

I realize that our own lives are difficult in many ways and it feels good to break away from our own realities and just veg, but I'll tell you from personal experience, the last 25 years of veggin' haven't taken me anywhere. To be honest my favorite way of checking out has always been video games. Ever since I got Super Mario Bros on my own Nintendo, I have enjoyed a little fantasy in collecting coins, fighting bad guys with swords made of water, and becoming a military sniper. I logged over 168 hours (literally 24/7) of game play in this Post Apocalyptic game where you go around doing missions and shooting people to survive. The one thing I noticed is that in this world there was absolutely no entertainment and the only hope for something to take a break from survival mode is find a rare book that was not badly burned so you could study a bit of history. Take a second and enter this world with me where there are no reality stars, no cameras, no producers influencing events to raise the ratings on the next boy meets girls show. What would you do if the bomb went off and there was no way of finding out who won American Idol this year? I'll tell you what I would do first and foremost (and I actually did in this game) find and save any children who are our only hope for the future.

In 2012 there were a young boy and a young girl who's reality was challenged as they fought for their lives. Many people had been following their stories for some time but when their stories began to break out of their circle of friends and communities, they became reality superstars. With nearly a quarter and a half million people watching, waiting and wanting to help in whatever way they could, these kids became the face of childhood cancer. Now sadly as they have passed on, the world's attention is drawn away into another reality with little to no value.

Don't you think the lives of kids are More Important than the rumors about some reality stars with no talents? If your not asking yourself what's more important than the next Rose Ceremony, then what are you doing? I've said enough, its time for a reality check: here is the Truth of the matter for our kids fighting cancer. http://www.thetruth365.org/

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