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Monday, January 7, 2013

Lincoln's Prize

If you were sitting with me in Lincoln's room as I was getting him ready for bed tonight, you may not have been able to sit for long because you would be rolling on the floor laughing out loud at how he was so excited for his appointment tomorrow! With all of the expression that a 4 year old can tell a story with, he was still happy when he said he didn't like shots, but he would only cry a little bit because he had his 'flubber' or numbing cream. He then went on to say that he liked the white juice that makes him shake and makes his eyes go back in his head but when he wakes up he gets to eat and then his friend Dustin will bring him some new toys for Christmas. He always knows he will get a prize when he has to fast and get a pokey in his chest. He says grandma always looks away when he gets his shot but it only hurts a little bit. I think he told the whole story in one breath and then he wanted to go to sleep immediately so he could wake up and get his Prize!

Did you know that most kids don't get that excited about going to the doctor because most kids don't have to live with this life threatening disease? When a boy like Lincoln has lived nearly half of his life with cancer, all he knows is how to be a little boy, and chemo, hospital visits, shots, chemo pals, prizes, sedation's, fasting, crying and the absence and loss of an everyday normal life cannot stop his unbelievable spirit to fight against this unknown enemy.

Lincoln is 1 of nearly 13,500 kids face a monster that many adult don't even believe exists in children, and who have no idea how many lives are extinguished by this silent killer.

That's 36.5 kids a day, 365 days a year, in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015....

Every time a new president is elected 10,000 kids will die because our own government won't even recognize how precious the life of a child is unless there is some kind of national tragedy.

7 kids were lost on the 7th of January, 2013 because the National Cancer Institute won't even give 7% of their $5 billion dollars to research 12 major types of children's cancers.

The American Cancer Society call pediatric cancer rare, because its not an "epidemic" like the kinds of cancers from self indulgent people who smoke, eat or drink too much.

So what do we do with kids like Lincoln? Do we only Hope things get better even though statistically they won't. Seriously, what would you do if it were your baby?  The Truth must be heard by this great nation and we must fight for kids who deserve more than a sympathetic St. Jude's commercial that is rarely seen by the public. With the power that we have in the palm of our hands, we need to take childhood cancer awareness to the next 3 levels before our September awareness planning even begins. We need to be ONE VOICE to bring the Truth which has the power to make change in our country and around the world. I want to ask everyone who reads this blog today to make a new commitment to raise the bar on childhood cancer awareness, by sharing in a very personal way, how the Truth 365 film can make a difference for kids like Lincoln who battle, suffer and sometimes cling to life, even when there is no hope left.

I challenge you to reject the thought that you really need to watch that new show or get that extra hour of sleep tonight and watch this film until your heart is breaking to make a difference.

Remember Lincoln tomorrow during his appointment and sedation for his chemotherapy and remember his true Prize is one more day with his family and people like you who care a whole awful lot. Please Comment on facebook with the word PRIZE if you have shared the Truth 365 with your friends and family, because Great is your Reward. Thank you for your support for Lincoln and this film for kids everywhere.


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