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Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Tacos for Lincoln

Today I went to Dallas, Oregon (the little D) about 23 miles from my house where I lived from 1999-2007. Most people wouldn't drive 23 miles for two tacos, but today I was hungry. When I got to Dallas I drove right past the new restaurant that was on the main road through town. Its a small but new place to get some good food and it was worth it. When I walked in the place was packed and the smell of Mexican food was overwhelming as people were looking for a seat. Many stood and waited knowing that they would be disappointed to walk next door to McDonald's to satisfy their hunger. When it was my turn to order I asked for two tacos and some water since I know the salsa was going to be hot. As I took a seat I heard someone standing way in the back close to the door say that they had come in today to support a boy named Lincoln who was fighting leukemia. When he got the total for his food he asked if he could pay more than double to help Lincoln during his treatment. The new owners in the back were working fast to serve everyone who was as hungry as I was and when the lunch rush was over I went back to thank them and the volunteers for raising awareness for children fighting cancer. I hope everyone who likes tacos would go to their facebook page and thank them with a LIKE because where the government is lacking in awareness for childhood cancer, there will always be a taco stand in the little D giving it all for kids like Lincoln. Thank you El Pique and all of the volunteers who helped. https://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Pique/291149671001292

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