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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The X Factor

December 14th was the second time in recent history that our country was jolted when the world suddenly stopped turning. As the news broke of the 20 children who's lives were extinguished in a single moment, our country cried out in horror and our government responded within hours about how to reduce the risk of another event of this magnitude. Now one month later people are still aggressively talking about how to make this world a safer place for children by reducing the risk factors in these tragedies.

Mysteriously the government has not uttered a single word about the death of over 200 children who have died since December 14th from pediatric cancer. The President has not cried on national television for the families who have lost their children, and no one in the main stream media has called drug companies out on the carpet who have made very little effort in making new drugs for kids fighting cancer in the last 20 years because of lack of profits.

I don't know what is worse, the loss of children's lives or the refusal to look into the eyes of the innocent and listen to our countries most precious voices. If a handful of horrific incidents over 10 years can spark a national movement to make change, then why don't the lives of an estimated 25,000 who have died, and hundreds of thousands of others in treatment, seem to even make a sound?

I think we know many of the factors that are preventing our kids lives from being saved, but as our kids continue to suffer and lose the decades of life that we have all enjoyed, the children's cancer community will continue to combat against the evil of ignorance by raising awareness through the power of social media. This is our X-factor, our reality show and our desperate cry for help. Please watch and share

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