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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Day for Lincoln

A year ago Lincoln had come home from the hospital and was starting the part of chemotherapy with Steriods.

He would become very hungry and want lots of salty snacks
He would sleep a lot more because of the chemo
He would still keep his hair for a long time
Did I mention he would be hungry
Somedays he just didn't know how to feel
and somedays he didn't feel good at all
not even when it was time to eat
It felt like these days would never end
But then today...

Today Lincoln went for sedation and an LP as his last and hopefully final part of his 1 year intensive treatment. Today he starts the rest of his treatment called Long Term Maintainence which will be about 2 1/2 years. The memories feel like yesterday as he suffered through the first few months, but he is now on the road to a Full Recovery hoping to Conquer cancer once and for all. Thank you for Thinking Lincoln this last year, keep praying, keep hoping, keep believing.

Support Lincoln http://www.facebook.com/RunningForLincoln
Pray for Lincoln http://www.facebook.com/prayingforlincoln


Anonymous said...

Wow what a way to end my night. Thanks for sharing. Sending my warmest heart felt thoughts and love. Praying to a higher power that your beautiful little mans roads traveled in the next few years go as good as possible. May you all stay strong and have peace

Anonymous said...

Lincoln, Papa and Grandma pray for you all the time. You have been such a brave little boy and our hero. As you begin the next phase of your treatment plan, we will continue to pray for you and for Daddy, Mommy, and Emma. Our prayer will be that at the end of your long-term maintenance that the doctors will say - it's gone, and it's never coming back. We love you!!!

Grayson said...

Been following Lincoln's story on the ALL group on fb alongside you. So happy for this day for all of you! LTM is a whole new normal and I will continue to pray for you all!