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Monday, July 9, 2012


Today I felt a little spark when I read an article about a recent news story and that spark turned into a firestorm!
When you hear the word firestorm you may think of a political/social debate that is going on in our society. Its where one group of people are ferociously debating another group of people over a current topic. If you know me, you know that I have my belief system in place and it is a belief system that is difficult for many to grasp because it speaks of absolute truth. It speaks of ancient truth that does not seem appropriate for today with our changing society, but that is my belief system and I have chosen it. The beliefs in society today have changed and continue to evolve and adapt to what society is demanding and when the old ways and the new ways clash there are a lot of words and emotions that are over the top and hurt more than they help. Have you heard of the 99% rule? If it is 99% truth, it is still 1% lies. What I hear when people debate is a lot of half truths which are then invalidated because they are not absolute truth. Everyone speaks "some" truth, but when it is only partial, can you really call it true? Do you ever really ask yourself what is absolutely true? Who would absolutely be the best president, sports team, musician or movie star? Or are you stuck with being influence by the lesser evil? When ever there is a firestorm of controversy that is trying to stand up and be heard I try not to subject my personal feeling in the matter. That doesn't meant I won't be upset or unhappy, but I will respect, for the most part the arguments of the opposing side. I have learned how to agree to disagree and have frienemies on certain matters because I respect human life more that anything else.

If the world together would see the wildfires that consume our land instead of trying to just put out the flames in their own little corners of the earth we may actually contain the widespread destruction. Its going to take heart, soul, mind and strength and I am glad I have found a reliable source for all of these.
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