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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reality TV, Really?

There is a reality TV show for everything these days. American Idol, Big Brother, Extreme Home Makeover, Wipe out, THE BACHELOR(ETTE)! You can come up with anything and put it on TV as long as there are camera crews around the clock watching every move and recording every word (or at least until the producers spin it to make it more dramatic.) I am utterly disturbed by these shows anymore because they know that if they just put a bunch of misfits and girls in bikinis in a house with cameras in every room they can make money. The Reality of reality TV is that they have very little truth to life as it would be without the instant fame and the crazy games they play to keep it competitive.  The real competition that these people play for their moment in the spotlight and they will do just about anything including saying "I DO" to suck people into what will statistically fail. Its time that real life TV took a back seat and people who deserve a chance at life itself would shine.

I have been invited to be involved in the making of a film that will be 100% true and focus 100% of the spotlight to children and young adults fighting cancer. The Truth 365 film@ http://www.facebook.com/theTruth365film is just in the beginning stages but will prove to be a true contender in the field of reality TV series. Here's another great piece of news: The Truth 365 will raise money that will go to pediatric research, 100% of it! It is a lofty goal to give it all away but there will be volunteers across the country who have nothing to lose and want to give more of themselves, even if it means losing a couple of hours of sleep a night to do it. I can't wait until September to show the world that the reality of childhood cancer is worth keeping on eye on and talking about like it were the final episode. We are recruiting participants everyday that want to urge you to check http://www.facebook.com/theTruth365film everyday for updates and previews of the kids that will be featured in the film.


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