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Monday, July 2, 2012

To Be or to Believe

Today I was just doing the same old thing at work, digging holes for fence posts. It is a hard physical, mindless activity but that usually gives me a chance to start thinking about what I can write. I was getting really bored of my job and thinking about what else I could be doing and then I started to think about tattoos for some reason. It was like a dream that changes without warning, but then I put two and two together. I don't have a tattoo and I have never had the desire to get one but I know a lot of people who get them for various reasons. Tattoos are a permanent peice of artwork that usually have a significant meaning to the individual, for example my brother had his late sons face tattooed on his arm. It is what I call an outward appearance of an inward meaning. Maybe not all tattoos are like that but its a great example of how people try to display who they are inside without speaking or acting out.

As I was digging holes today my inner wisdom spoke out to me, "Be who you were made to be. If your outward appearance reflects who you are inside then Believe it, if not make changes. Believe who God made you to be, nothing more nothing less."

Everyone has the desire and need to Be someone or something, but so many people who try to Become what they are displaying are not Believing that is truly what they were made to be. Its like tattoos or piercings or stretching their earlobes beyond belief. Don't you think in 30 years those people will wonder why they did those things to their bodies? Maybe not all, and that's ok, but I have my suspicions.

What would you say is your outward appearance at this point in your life? Now just ask yourself truthfully: do I Believe this is who I am to Be?


Family Bugs - Sarah said...

Such excellent words to ponder at the close of a day. I spent my teenage years discovering who I was and my purpose in life. I got married at 19, and four years later have three incredible children, so all that discovering ended up being "pointless" because God has directed me to my purpose and goal. He is going to shape you how He wants you regardless of what you are trying to be/do.

Lianda Ludwig said...

Brian, you wrote beautifully and expressed profound thoughts. If we all lived in alignment with who you really are, people would be a lot happier and healthier. It comes out to “what I want” vs “what’s expected of me”.. That will be my blog tomorrow!