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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last night we were getting ready to watch some fireworks outside when Lincoln started sneezing over and over. For any normal child this might just look like allergies but for our son with leukemia, it could mean life or death. We started by taking his temperature every 20 minutes until it reached that dreaded number. With most children a temperature of 104 would just require Tylenol to keep them cool, but for a boy with cancer 100.4 means a trip to the emergency room. Because the chemotherapy wipes out his immune system he has no way to fight the common cold and it could turn into something worse if not treated immediately with antibiotics. My wife Jenny and her mom drove him 40 miles to Portland where he fell asleep in the ER waiting to find out if he was to be admitted to the hospital. By midnight we knew he was going to spend the rest of the weekend there or until his counts were high enough to fight off any infections. This morning when I woke up and knew they were going to be admitted, I called work only to find out the the job I had for the day had to be rescheduled at the last second. Not only that, but I didn't have a job scheduled for Friday. The weather is great right now for working outside, but I am glad to be with my son in with air conditioned hospital while he starts to feel better. Right now his temperature has gone down and he is on fluids but he has a ton of toys to play with and movies to watch as we stay behind closed doors for now.

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Nikki Riddle said...

Prayers that his temp stays down and he's able to fight this quickly so you guys can get on with the rest of your summer! Thoughts to you all!

Anonymous said...

prayers to you Lincoln that he gets to go home soon! <3