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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kicking the Bucket List

Everyday I hear people talking about what they want to do in life and today I read a blog about a young lady who had a 'bucket list' that she wants to fulfill. I have heard people talk about their bucket list before, you know, the things they want to do before they 'kick the bucket,' so I began to indulge myself in thoughts of what I wanted to do for myself before I die, until I realized...

I don't think I can truly make a bucket list. I am sure you can imagine these things on my list like, riding in a hot air balloon, traveling to all of the states and a few other countries, finish high school...haha,
or winning a huge charity poker tournament. Did you know that "A common theory is that the idiom (kick the bucket) comes from a method of execution such as hanging, or perhaps suicide, in the middle ages? A noose is tied around the neck while standing on an overturned bucket. When the pail is kicked away, the victim is hanged. Now why would I want to go on living a self indulgent life trying to collect all of the foolish things that I will never be able to take to my grave? No one ever eulogized a persons possession or all of the vacations they went on or the tons of money they made did they?

Right now in my life...the one that I live to the fullest everyday, where I go to work to make money, and then I come home and try to make an impact on the world...I don't have time for the luxury of making a bucket list because I am Living like I am going to die! Instead of working on a your suicidal bucket list, why not try working on turning your Obituary into front page news! Let your Eulogies be spoken by Kings and Presidents, and songs be written about you by Mega Superstars! Who needs a bucket list to get in the way of your list of children you can save from cancer because you gave up your vacations to volunteer in raising awareness every September!  These are the kinds of things that you can never be rewarded for by just living life and then kicking the bucket, but they are things that will leave a legacy for you and will last beyond the grave. I watch kids fighting for life Everyday do it, so what is the Story of Your Life?

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