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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Personal Revolution

I went to the Oregon coast today, and after completing a job, I enjoyed looking out into the ocean during the last few minutes of Friday the 13th. I have never been one to indulge in drama but I could cause some big waves right now. Of course I won't do that but I wish a big wave would splash those people with their heads stuck in the sand. Its unfortunate that the draw to drama is as short as the fuse that lights the fireworks display. As many people are influenced by it, only a small percentage use their emotional charge to take action towards making a change.

I know there are families right now who are facing cancer in their second child. I know a mother who is still fighting her own cancer after her child finished the journey. Sometimes when I heard about these things I don't even click Like or Comment because I feel so deeply for the family that I absorb some of the impact and let it leave a small hurt in my heart so I don't detach like I did watching that reality TV show last night. Right now, more than ever I am praying that all of these families would feel peace and comfort because the tragedies are not slowing down.

I wish that for just one month all of the reality TV shows including the news would not be able to steer our hearts attention from the reality that we are living in.

If every person would trade in their evening entertainment for an update or two from a child fighting for life, we might actually let our hearts be touched. I don't want anyone to feel I am judging you who are reading this because I know you all feel this way for many kids including Lincoln. I am just fed up with the gross negligence and complacency that we all indulge in everyday when we have the Opportunity to feel some of the pain of those suffering. Right now you can make a choice with me to "Start a Personal Revolution." "What else you got to do tonight?" NO APOLOGIES! Watch and listen
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JeriGeary said...

Far too often, people's priorities are not where they should be. It breaks my heart. I hate when I hear others complaining about things that are insignicant when I know families that would give anything to be facing something disruptive.

superiorwebcontent said...

I understand what you are saying and yes, we sometimes complain about the insignificant when so many are hurting. I do know that some people use these silly reality shows as a balm from their own sorrows. I know and feel the pain of others suffering from various afflictions and sometimes tune out before it consumes me.

Brian said...

I don't believe in complaining because it gets us nowhere, I do however believe that I am shouting with all my might that children in our own neighborhoods are dying because we, that includes me for most of my life, choose to be ignorant and let the worthless things of this world force themselves into our homes steal our money and consume us like the latest reality tv show. I am trying to get the point across who self absorbed we are as an American society and how we blame everyone but ourselves and our own complacency. Its hard to care when you have a mortgage to pay, but when all you have is a fight on your hands because your child, my child is sick, nothing and I me NOTHING esle matters.