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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Adventure of Discovery

I don't like writing about the worst thing our lives will be faced with one day, but death always seems to be standing right around the corner waiting to bump into us. Just yesterday I heard of a young man who's life was taken in a car accident. As I reflect on this I think back to when I knew him and his sister at my church. Then I realized that two more young lives were taken during the time that I went to that church. One on a tragic ship wreck and another just down the street from me in a horrible accident in the families own back yard. Yesterday on the news a 17 month old baby was killed in the driveway of the families home by a car and last week a friend at work lost his mother. Don't ask me how many children have been lost to cancer in the last year, I lost count.  =(

Right now I have 4 grandfathers, two on each side, in their 80s and 90s. Two of them have survived heart attacks recently, in their 90s! This is how life is supposed to be lived, up until we are 90 and still able to survive a heart attack. This life is so confusing sometimes when I see the end of a young persons life. The only thing that makes any sense is that we have a purpose to fulfill, and a world to impact, and sometimes even in the shortness of time itself, God allows us an opportunity to live out that purpose.

I wonder about people who never seem to have found their purpose, those who pursue happiness and gain every worldly possession, but never find joy in it. The only thing I can believe is that living Life, and finding meaning in it, can only be found in the very end of the story line. Until then, life will always be an adventure of discovery.

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